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The Chinese checkers game is made of acrylic of different colors.
We have blue, red or black for now.
The game measures 35.5cm x 40.5 cm.
The inscription on the game is in English, French and in Chinese, but if you wish it can be any language or personalize for you.

Chinese Checkers $45.00
Le jeu est fait de bois environ 4"x4"x4".
This game is made of wood and measures                   12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm
Triangle Checkers

Domino supports are made of acrylic in red, blue, black or clear colors.
The supports can contain 6 tiles on three rows.
If your needs are different, please contact me to discus your needs.

Dominoes rules $48.00
The train station for dominos are usually for 6 station
but sometime not sufficient so to remedy this situation I have a larger one that can accommodate 12 train.
The colors are the same as above.