Hobby - F4F Wildcat
General Information
Specific Information
# Built 1169
Ceiling in Feet
37,300 ft

Cost $35,000 in 1945 Aileron AFT of hinge
Fire power Six 0.50 M2 Browning
Aileron forward of hinge

Aileron movement
Fuel Capacity
144 US gal, up to 2x58 US gal drop tank Aileron movement
11'9" (1/4 scale 35.25") Elevator
Landing angle

Elevator (Tab trim only)
29'10.5" (1/4 scale 89.625")
Elevator area

MAC length

Elevator tab
Fin area total
Model No.

Flap area total
  Flap deflection max
  Horizontal tail area total
0.16 hp / lb Rudder
Power plant
Pratt & Whitney R-1830-86 twin row 14 pis radial 1200 hp Rudder (Tab trim only)
Propeller diameter
3 blade 13' 1" (39.25") Rudder area total
Propeller normal Clearance considering extreme blade setting
  Rudder balance
Maximum Range 770 mi - 1239 km Rudder tab
Combat Range
830 mi Stab incidence
Rate of climb
2303 ft / min - 11.7m/s Stabilizer area fuselage
Speed cruise
190 mph Stabilizer area total
Speed top
320 mph - 515km/h@ 18,800 ft Vertical fin offset
Speed Stal 84 mph Vertical tail area total
Service Ceiling 34,900 ft - 10,638 m Wing area
334 sq ft
Takeoff roll 799 ft Wing dihedral at leading edge of wing
Tire front
  Wing incidence (root/tip)
Tire fear
  Wing incidence (root/tip)
Weight empty
5766 lbs Wing Leading edge located below Thrust line
Weight gross
7964 lbs Wing loading
37.7 lb / sq ft
Weight usefull load
8762 lbs Wing root airfoil
NACA 23015
Wheel trea
  Wing tip airfoil
NACA 23009
38' (1/4 scale 114") Wing trailing edge located below thrust line