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Material that can be used are as on the home page, but here are some example of what can be done.
The maximum size that can be produce is 16" x 20"
Cutting Stencils

There are all kinds of reasons for the application of stencils and one of them is for parking identification.
With these, one always has the proper location when there is more then one # or letter.
Engraving on glass.

The picture is to show that it is a piece of glass
Engraving on wood
Fine design Cutting

This fine design was cut from a piece of Masonite to show how precise the laser can cut.
Fine design Engraving

This piece of Masonite has the same drawing as above but instead of cutting it, I engraved it.
Ceramic tile photo

This is a photo engraved on a ceramic tile.

Coming Soon

Engraving round items such as glass of all kind, wine bottles etc. will be possible soon. Send me an email for more information on this product.
Living room Lamp

This is an example of a lamp that I can make, but the design can be nearly anything you want. This one is 8" x 8" x 42" but the height and size can be virtually anything.